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Lat & Lo™ Cuff Link

Lat & Lo™ Cuff Link has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

$65.00 USD

A perfect accessory for a gentleman. Our solid .925 sterling Lat & Lo™ Cufflinks come inscribed with the custom latitude longitude coordinates of your special place on earth. This sterling silver cuff link with barbell-style end design features a 13.7mm round flat pad.

Note: Coordinates to general locations (cities,states) will be inscribed with our standard  DMS format (as pictured). However, due to the size of these particular pieces, more specific/exact location requests may be inscribed using Decimal Degree format when necessary to ensure coordinates fit on your special piece.

Example: 30° 17' N, 81° 23' W (DMS format)

30.2960°N,  81.4078°W (Decimal Degree format)

To order: Enter your special location in the location request box below. Don't know your coordinates? Don't worry- We will find them for you!

Handcrafted special to order just for you. Please allow 14-21 business days for all custom orders to ship. Please view our FAQ page if you have any questions before ordering.

Made in the USA.