Our Story

THE coordinates jewelry line. We specialize in sentimental.

Lat & Lo™ is a handcrafted jewelry brand that first began years ago in the oceanside town of Neptune Beach, FL. What first started out as a tiny hand-stamped jewelry line in founder, Kellie McCullers' (Ivey), humble garage evolved to the world's first full line of custom coordinates jewelry now worn and loved by thousands of people all over the world.
Through our partnership with domestic raw supply companies, each purchase from Lat & Lo™ supports multiple small businesses across the US. We design & make our signature quality jewelry inscribed with sentimental customized latitude longitude coordinates to a meaningful place in your life. Lat & Lo™ pieces are handcrafted to order and customized just for you in our Florida studio.
We love hearing the stories behind each memory piece we make- it's what makes this jewelry line so very special to us and our customers.
Original Lat & Lo pieces are available for purchase on our website and in select approved retailers throughout the US and beyond. The story is yours: Your favorite travel spot, where you got engaged, where you were married, where you went to school, the place you call home...the possibilities are endless. Our jewelry tells a special story. WHERE ARE YOU ANCHORED?
Meet the makers! See our Instagram highlights, "Our Team",  here. ♥
Have a question for us? Shoot us an email to us at info@latandlo
We are always happy to help!
Inspiration behind the anchor in our logo: Hebrews 6:19