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Permanent Jewelry - A Guide to This Trending Accessory

Permanent jewelry (or, Infinity Jewelry as we call it) is a new trend in the world of fashion and jewelry that offers a unique and stylish statement. Unlike traditional jewelry, it is a chain that is welded onto the wearer, creating a permanent accessory that does not have a traditional clasp. This type of jewelry is gaining popularity, with many people choosing bracelets and anklets as their preferred options. In this post, we will explore the world of permanent jewelry and highlight the benefits, options, and factors to consider when choosing this accessory.

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a chain that is securely welded onto the wearer's body (typically wrist or ankle). This type of jewelry should be made with high-quality materials such as gold or silver as it is typically indented to last a very long time. With no need for a traditional clasp, it becomes a permanent accessory that you do not have to remove. It's also a great experience to share with friends or loved ones. Your welded "infinity" chain can serve as a lasting reminder of a special relationship or milestone in your life.

Benefits of Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is not just a unique fashion statement, it is also low-maintenance, convenient, and elegant. It eliminates the need to remove and put on jewelry daily, making it a hassle-free accessory. Additionally, since it is a permanent fixture on your body, you do not have to worry about losing it or misplacing it. Moreover, it adds a touch of sophistication to your look, making it a timeless and versatile piece.

Options Available

When it comes to permanent jewelry, you have a range of options to choose from. Bracelets are a popular option, with chains that range from "dainty" to medium thickness as the most preferred styles. Anklets are another option that is perfect for adding a fun and personalized touch to your look.

Choosing the Right Material

When choosing permanent jewelry, it is important to consider the metal type. Sterling silver, solid 10K, 14K gold, and Gold-Filled options are the most common materials offered in permanent jewelry. We do not recommend using "plated" jewelry chain for permanent/infinity jewelry as it does not last long and usually tarnishes quickly. For those looking for the best and most durable option, that will not tarnish, solid gold is the way to go.

Solid gold is a popular choice for permanent jewelry due to its strength, durability, and resistance to tarnishing. Since the jewelry chain is welded on, it will inevitably be exposed to environmental elements that cause tarnishing, making tarnish-resistant solid gold the most stress-free, low-maintenance option. Furthermore, solid gold is hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for those with sensitive skin.

When considering solid gold, it's crucial to choose the right karat. Both 10K and 14K gold are popular options, with 10K offering a good balance between affordability and quality.

14K Gold-Filled is also a great option if you're unsure if you'll want the piece on "forever" or are looking for a gold look that lasts longer than plated chain, but more budget friendly than solid gold. Always make sure that you go to a trusted jewelry who uses real Gold-Filled and not jewelry that is simply plated. There is a difference! Keep in mind that though 14K Gold-Filled will usually last a long time in most circumstances (and much longer than plated jewelry), solid gold will always be the longest lasting option.

In conclusion, permanent jewelry is a unique and bold trend that offers a range of options to make a statement with your style. Whether you choose solid gold or another metal type, be sure to find a trusted and experienced jeweler to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. With its low-maintenance and elegant design, permanent jewelry is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a convenient and timeless touch.

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