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Why Coordinates Jewelry?

coordinates disc pendant necklace on model. jewelry by Lat & Lo.
coordinates disc pendant necklace on model. by lat & Lo.
Have you seen our signature line of coordinates jewelry, but are wondering what it all means? What do those numbers represent and why would you want them inscribed on a sentimental piece of jewelry? Well, we are here to help break it all down.

The numbers: What are coordinates? 

Let’s pause for one minute: Think about one of your favorite memories. What comes to mind? Where were you when you created those memories? We take that place, the place that means so much, and we make the memory wearable with personalized jewelry.
Latitude and longitude are used together to specify the coordinates of a precise location on the Earth. Coordinates are used to pinpoint a specific location as they are unique to each location on a map. They can be written in a variety of formats (we prefer a format called DMS as they tend to look and fit nicely on jewelry).
The cool thing is that there are an infinite number of coordinates, each representing a specific location. So, the coordinates that we inscribe on your piece will be different than most any other piece we will make for anyone else. 
We love this unique trait of coordinates as it allows each piece to be truly unique and meaningful when inscribed on each Lat & Lo piece.
Unlike other types of jewelry, including personalized pieces and non-personalized, each Lat & Lo™ piece is truly unique to the wearer. It represents a story, YOUR story. It’s a conversation piece that is made to be treasured for years to come.

What location’s coordinates should I choose for my jewelry?

The possibilities are endless! We love the unique places our customer family all over the world have chosen for their pieces. Popular choices include: 
  • The exact spot where someone proposed / got engaged
  • Where a child was born
  • The coordinates of your hometown
  • Celebrating a graduate with the coordinates of a school campus
  • A wedding location
  • A retirement gift with the coordinates of a workplace
  • A favorite travel destination
  • Where a special milestone was achieved/overcome
  • Where the Bride or Groom first met the member(s) of their wedding party first met (Lat & Lo is a great wedding party gift).
  • Where a pet was adopted or born (we are pet lovers too!)
  • A childhood home
  • Anywhere you have made amazing memories!
Whether you are interested in a custom piece of Lat & Lo for yourself or a thoughtful, personalized gift to give, you can’t go wrong. What location would you choose?
coordinates cuff bracelet in rose gold on wrist. Coordinates of the hometown for a gift on front on bracelet.

How do I find the coordinates?

There are many different websites and applications that can be used to determine coordinates and many of them differ in the format they use. It can get a little confusing to explain the different formats and the mathematical differences between them, so we strive to make it easy for our customer family.
To help make ordering a breeze, our Coordinates Concierge will find them for you! Just give us your location request in your order. No need to worry about writing them incorrectly or finding them on a map, we specialize in finding coordinates and can find yours for you. Have a difficult location to find? Don't worry, if we have any questions about the location request(s) on your order, we will reach out for clarification.

Ok, but do the metal types really matter?

In short, YES. Because each Lat & Lo piece is meant to represent a special memory, milestone or occasion, we also think it should be made to last longer than “trinket jewelry”. That’s why we offer quality metals like solid sterling silver, solid gold and 14K Gold-Filled (which features over 100 times more gold content than most electro-”plated” jewelry!). 
For life-time pieces, we always recommend solid gold, but we also feature a variety of metal types and price points to fit within a variety of budgets and personal preferences.
Have any other questions for us? We would be happy to answer any questions regarding our jewelry line and would love to make you something really special. You can contact a member of our team anytime at
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Let's Make Your Memories Wearable,

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Lat & Lo™ handcrafts custom necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry accessories inscribed with the unique latitude longitude coordinates of your special place on earth. Each piece represents a special time and place in your life. We love making your memories wearable and look forward to making your next gift or personal accessory. We specialize in sentimental. WHERE ARE YOU ANCHORED?™

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