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Isla Bangle Bracelet

The Isla (pronounced "eye-la") Bangle is one of our newest favorites. This Sterling Silver flat wire bangle bracelet comes inscribed with the coordinates to your special place plus a custom inscription of your choice. This customized, sentimental bangle is made to represent your favorite places and best memories. Wear one or stack multiple to represent your favorite travels, life events, and favorite memories.

Design Details:

  • Coordinates inscribed on the front, outside
  • (Optional) Custom inscription appears on the opposite side of the coordinates, "back" as pictured.
  • 3mm Sterling Silver flat wire
  • 2.5" diameter ("medium" size bangle)
  • Designer's Note: This style's inscription and font are purposefully designed to be "dainty" and unobtrusive. Please note that the coordinates are not in a bold font and are intentionally meant to be slightly more discreet on the overall piece.

Made custom to order, just for you in the USA. Please allow 7-14 Business Days for your order to be carefully made and shipped.

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