2020 Gift Guide

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April 5th, 2020

Need Some Inspo?
Here's a Gift Guide

Your Gifting Guru

I know the feeling...Buying gifts for the special people in our lives can be overwhelming. You want it to be thoughtful, but also unique. Good quality, but not break the bank. Memorable, but not so off-the-wall that perhaps they won't wear it or use it. Or, even worse, just return it. It's enough to make your head spin (and run straight to the gift card aisle at Walgreens in defeat.)

To help take some of the stress out of it, here is a little gift guide to help, well, guide you down the rabbit hole that is gift gifting.


-In your time together, you've undoubtedly made some special memories together. Celebrate them with a keychain or other men's piece engraved with latitude-longitude coordinates of a favorite fishing spot, where you met, your wedding location or another meaningful place to him. Accompany it with a note that explains where the coordinates lead and why. Include why he means so much to you. (Men may act tough, but we all need to hear why we matter every now and again.)


Wife/ Girlfriend

- A necklace or bracelet engraved with latitude longitude coordinates of where you first met, married, honeymooned or made other meaningful memories together.

- A necklace or ring engraved with the Roman Numerals of your anniversary.

Pair it with a thoughtful note that explains the coordinates and the story that they represent to you both. Cheers to making even more memories.

- A necklace or bracelet inscribed with the coordinates of a place that you are going to visit (this would also make for a cool way to reveal a surprise getaway somewhere!)



- Necklace or ring engraved with the name(s) of her child or children.

- A necklace or Bracelet inscribed with the coordinates of where you two met, the home you grew up in, grandma's house or another meaningful place that's special to you both.

Include a note of what her presence in your life has meant to you over the years. Pass the tissue, please.


Pet Lover

-A necklace or ring engraved with the pet's name.

Bonus move: Pair the piece with a donation to your local animal welfare non-profit in the pet's name.









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