Unique & Personalized Gift Ideas.

November 14, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Make your gift giving thoughtful and personal with customization.
Here are some unique and personalized gift ideas.

1. Latitude and Longitude Jewelry – Lat & Lo provides you the opportunity to take a special place and turn it into a wearable memory. Custom coordinates with a special back inscription; you can even get YOUR actual handwriting engraved on the piece! Can you get any more sentimental!? 


2. Personalized Wine or Liquor Bottle- You cannot deny that someone you know loves themselves some wine! Gift them a Holiday Collection with a personalized label. Quick and Easy. Just make sure they can READ!
(Like the idea of a custom label but not with alcohol? There are candles too!) 


3. Pop your pup – Everyone has that one family member who is absolutely obsessed with their 4-legged fur friend. Pop Your Pup is an awesome company that can turn your sisters love obsession into a beautiful canvas or apparel. Just Upload their picture!


4. Custom Folded Book Art- The recipient doesn’t have to love reading, but they will love the personalized message you pick. How cool do these look?!



5. Save An Elephant- Clothes for a Cause
Why not gift an Elephant? Who doesn’t love the world’s largest puppy? Unfortunately, this part brings tears; bad people seek out these gentle creatures for cruel profit. BUT with the help of Ivory Ella’s company, they are dedicated to providing awareness and give proceeds to Save The Elephants Foundation. 
Gift apparel that saves elephants! 

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