Lat & Lo Story #6124

The story behind the numbers. As shared by customer, Heather.

"Thanks so much for your company and product. You may notice that you will get about 12 orders with the same address/longitude and latitude.  We are all friends who have become sisters in the last 25 years.  We met as freshman in college and unfortunately lost a member of our crew in May. We decided that at 43 we were too old for tattoos so we would all order our own piece of jewelry tor represent our bond.  We live in 6 different states but keep in touch through daily group texts, monthly dinners  and yearly girls vacations.  We are lucky to have found each other.  Thanks for saving us from permanent ink and thanks for giving us a way to feel connected all the time.   Below is a copy of my FB post from the day our dear friend, Julie, died.  I hope it helps to tell our longitude and latitude story. Thanks for making the jewelry that tells our story.

In the summer of 1990 Julie and I learned we were to be roommates @ WMC so we sent each other pictures in the mail. Her picture was of herself in a beautiful white dress standing in a blooming garden. In my picture I was wearing a goofy Boy George hat and I was hugging a wax figure of Mr T. Julie was attending WMC on an academic scholarship and I was barely college material. When we arrived she was excited about having caffeine after 8:00 and having her first bagel and I was much more experienced in the world of “beverages.” That pretty much sums up how different we were.

Thankfully we became good friends and also became very close with an amazing group of girls. I was honored to be in her wedding and very upset when she thought she was unable to come to ours because it was her due date. Well Nick came 5 weeks early so Julie and George packed up that 5 week old and drove to Nags Head for our wedding. These photos show some of the highlights from our friendship over the last 24 years, but they don’t show what all the girls and I will miss most. We will miss the days of 100 group texts about everything and nothing. We will miss the long talks until the wee hours of the night when we are all together. We will miss her so much because she has been such a huge part in our lives. She was an amazing, friend, wife, and mother."

Heather I.