Lat & Lo Story #6336

The story behind the numbers. As shared by customer, Melissa.
"This particular piece is going to be a gift to my daughter for her birthday. I would like to take just a moment to share my story. In a nutshell… I had my daughter at the age of 20. My parents ADORED her from day one. She was the only grandchild and the absolute Apple of their eye.
They were like her second parents and she spent many, many days at their home. Every holiday, birthday, New Year's Eve, Family reunions, and countless Sunday dinners. She sat in the same spot at their kitchen table for over 24 years. She Sat proudly on the riding mower as she helped her "pappy" do the yard work. She swung as high as she could on the homemade swing he made just for her, ran with many dogs in the yard, picked flowers and had many birthday parties on my parents 1acre property. She had pajama parties, Cooked biscuits, and went on adventures with her "grammer".
Her "grammer and pappy" provided her A Safehaven to which she could come and get unconditional love, affection, and the greatest adventures! Five years ago, "pappy" passed away unexpectedly at the age of 66. Six months shy of my daughters graduation and eight months shy of her engagement and 18 months shy of her marriage. 15 months ago "grammer" was diagnosed with ALS. She suffered and fought hard the last 18 months until her passing in May of this year. Since "grammer" passed, "grammer and pappy's" home was sold. Property that was within our family for over 100 years!! My daughters Safehaven gone.
This was the only set of grandparents my daughter had. (due to the fact that her biological father was never in her life and her stepfather's parents were passed and in a home.) I ordered the "where are you anchored" necklace. My parents home was definitely a place that my daughter was anchored in emotionally and physically. The anchor represents my father who was in the Navy, the lat and lo coordinates represent my parents home in Germantown Tennessee and the saying on the back was something my mother wrote to my daughter on every card or letter and told her often......LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!  even though my daughter no longer has her "pappy and grammer" here, nor can she go to their home any longer, she will always have them in her heart and the memories of everything she experienced next to her heart with her Lat & Lo necklace.
Sincerest thanks,