Memories Made in Miami

Lat & Lo Story #1061...

"I received my Lat & Lo necklace the other day from a very dear friend of mine and would love to share my little story with you. In 2010, Candi and I were blessed to make the 2010-2011 Squad of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.  We met during the Final Auditions process and began an amazing journey together.  We quickly became the best of friends and, together, went through a crazy, beautiful experience that changed out lives forever.

The opportunity to be an NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins is amazing in itself.  But for 40+ beautiful, strong, responsible, and dedicated women to go through these experiences together creates a bond to last forever and that cannot be replaced.  

We are fortunate to meet people and share experiences that very few people get to see in their lifetime.


We share blood, sweat, and tears and are the only people in this world that truly understand all that comes with being a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, whether during tears of laughter or tears of pain. I have found a forever friend in Candi.  As my path has led me away from Florida, Candi sent me a farewell gift... my Lat and Lo necklace with the coordinates to Sunlife Stadium, the place where our paths first crossed and a forever friendship grew.  

My necklace came accompanied by a card in which she wrote the quote 'your feet don't anchor you, your friends do' - a true testimonial to our friendship in that even though my feet may have taken me away from Florida, the friendships made at Sunlife Stadium will forever anchor my heart to the place where my friends changed my life.  It truly is a special bond with a special past, and Lat & Lo has sealed that perfectly. Thank you for being a part in such a beautiful gift that came from the heart.  I will cherish it always!"