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    Rose Gold Inspired.

    Rose Gold Inspired.

    What is Rose Gold?

    Is it even real gold? The answer is YES! Rose gold is actually a mixture of different metal types, solid gold being one of them. 
    Rose gold; also known as pink gold sometimes called red gold is a mix of yellow gold and silver, alloyed with copper. Although rose gold isn't 100% solid gold; depending on the level of karat applied determines the soft pink hue, the durability and how tarnish resistant the piece is.

    Beautiful Pieces and Their Meanings.
    We know white gold symbolizes friendship and yellow gold symbolizes fidelity, but the sweet pleasant meaning behind rose gold is love. Rose gold presents itself as vintage-inspired, with a look and feel of romance.

    History Behind Rose Gold.
    The timeless rose gold is dated back to the Victorian era, the pink-hued precious metal symbolized romance. Although rose gold first became fashionable in the 19th century, it was “re-created” by Carl Faberge in Russia and was actually called “Russian Gold”. The United States wasn’t introduced to Rose gold until the Roaring Twenties(1920’s).

    Now what?
    Why not add a timeless classic to your jewelry collection? You’ll have a unique stunning piece that you can cherish for years to come! Not to mention rose gold pairs well with ANYTHING, different patterns, and skin tones.

    Currently, nearly every style from 
    Lat & Lo's signature coordinates jewelry has a rose gold option!