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Where Are You Anchored?

We specialize in sentimental. Our signature custom jewelry comes inscribed with the unique latitude longitude coordinates of your special place on earth. Millions of coordinates, but only one Lat & Lo™.

Lat & Lo Love

Just a little note to say thank you:). I'm very good at choosing sentimental meaningful gifts. The heartfelt reaction my friend showed as she realized what this necklace represented was priceless. Thank you for offering gifts that can remind us of such wonderful moments in our lives.
I just want to say - WOW! I received my order this past weekend and I am just so impressed with my entire experience with Lat & Lo! From the friendly and responsive Customer Service (my thanks to you!), to the turnaround time (super fast!!), the packaging (adorable!), and last but certainly not least, the quality of the necklace (gorgeous!) - my entire experience with your company far exceeded my expectations. I am so thankful to have been able to receive this piece in time and thank you and the Lat & Lo team for your efforts in fulfilling my order so quickly. I am sure this amazing necklace is going to bring my niece to tears (of happiness, of course) and will be a reminder for her that no matter how far she travels in this next phase of her life (moving away for college), that we will always be right here for her. My sincerest thanks to everyone involved at Lat & Lo.
•Christine •